Thursday, 20 January 2011

Simplicity 8498

Today, I cut out a cute little tunic dress, Simplicity 8498.

I found some super cute lightweight wool mix fabric in my stash, with a teeny tiny dogstooth check weave (I think I've seen this referred to as 'puppystooth' - how cute!) which I thought would work well - a kinda sexy secretary vibe.

Not sure I'm looking forward to sewing the thing together though - the puppystooth is playing crazy tricks with my eyes already!

I'm mashing up the views slightly - nothing radical - I'm making View 2 (the centre dress) but sleeveless (as in View 3) and adding the back belt detail of View 1 (it's not clear on the envelope pattern but it's a cute detail)

The reason I want to make this pattern is because of the interesting seam detail. I know it's nothing too shocking, but I just love how vintage patterns really played with seams and shaping - modern patterns can be so blah.

Incidentally, this pattern (or one extremely similar) has been revived by Simplicity in the form of 3833, so perhaps they're realising that people want something a little more interesting?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sewing For Pleasure

I've just received a bunch of leaflets from ICHF advertising the Sewing For Pleasure show at Birmingham NEC, to take place on the 24th to the 27th March.

Sadly I won't be able to make it this year due to lack of funds, but I thought I'd share it here as it looks fab! Tickets cost £9 if booked in advance (£11 on the door) which I'm pretty sure is more expensive than previous years... but the ticket does allow you entry to the two other shows on the day, Hobby Crafts and Fashion Embroidery & Stitch. Having visited in the past, it really is a full day and very inspiring. If you've got the funds and a likeminded friend or two, it's a great day out. You can see more info here.

Anyone visited this particular show in the past? What was your highlight?

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I thought I'd kick off my Vintage Stitching blog with a favourite pattern from my own collection.

This lovely Blackmore So-Easy dress is a favourite of mine because of the interesting darts and seams. It strikes me how modern patterns are lacking in such unusual use of shaping and style lines. Really, we only have a choice of bust darts or princess seams these days. But look at this lovely centre panel with bust gathers! And those shoulder darts are so elegant.
Another interesting point to note is the lack of shoulder seams - the sleeves are cut as one piece with the dress - usually referred to as Kimono sleeves if I'm correct.

I didn't know anything about the Blackmore company, but a quick Google tells me they were only in business from 1845 to the 1940s.

I picked this pattern up at Vintage to Vogue in Bath around two years ago for £4. I'm rather ashamed to say I haven't made this up into anything yet - in fact, I'm guilty of this with the majority of my vintage pattern collection! But I'm hoping this blog will spur me on a bit :)

I'd probably be tempted to make it up in a good basic fabric, like a black or navy crepe, to begin with. Although, that centre panel is crying out for some form of embellishment or contrast fabric... perhaps some experimentation with colour blocking to create a slimming effect?